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Our aim is to inspire people with a love of cycling by giving them the confidence and skill to ride more often.




Business & Organisations

Services to support your travel plan and encourage cycling to work and aid CPC development through Safe Urban Driving & 2 Wheels Aware

Schools & Community


Get your school active with our Balance & Bike Ability Courses



Training courses to give you the skills & confidence to cycle more - cycle lessons and maintenance courses available.


" I have really enjoyed taking part in the Bike Ability Course,  it has given me  more confidence to ride on the road. 

Tabitha, Ribble Valley

"My daughter Gabriella came home from school grinning from ear to ear! She said he had something to show me!  She went to get her bike, went into the driveway and said

" Mummy look what I can do." She was riding without stabilisers. I was amazed.

"The Instructors from I Cycle Training  changed my life.  Learning to ride is a skill i had never really learned in my younger years, however seeing my grandson ride around on his game me an incentive to learn. Their patience and ongoing encouragement meant that learning this life skill was both enjoyable and fun. Thank you.

Mrs M McFarlane, Grandparent

Miss K Gibson, Parent

Miss K Gibson, Parent

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