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LED RIDES - coming soon

I Cycle Training provide Private Cycling Lessons as well as Led Rides  to promote and encourage cycling for commuting, health and leisure.  


Private Lessons


You consider yourself to be a complete beginner who cannot currently ride a bike


You have recently learnt how to ride a bike or are returning to cycling after a long break


You want to ride on back streets and B roads



You want to ride on busy A roads and commute during rush hour


We provide lessons for those who are yet unable to ride a bike. You may be among the many that never learnt as a child or you may have recently uncovered a new desire to learn. Our sessions are run by experienced instructors who will guide you step by step, from getting on and off your bike to making the bike go where you want, while continuously working on your balance.


Designed for those who can ride a bike but are not very confident about their cycling abilities. It is delivered in a safe traffic free environment. Pick up the skills and knowledge you need to go down to the local park, or to take a trip out into the countryside with your friends and family. You may also one day wish to cycle to work; we can help you work towards this too.


Whether you've been cycling for a while or returning to cycling, today’s roads may seem daunting. This will help you boost your confidence, skills and cycling techniques for today’s traffic. This training is delivered on quiet roads with some traffic, where you will have the opportunity to practise the theory of on road cycling.

Advanced Rider

These lessons are delivered in small groups or on a  1-1 basis. Our instructor can come to you and ride your route with you, where they can show you how to tackle busy roads and junctions with ease and confidence. You may have been cycling and using the roads for years but there is always something new to learn to hone your skills.

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Riding bikes boosts your brainpower, relationships, health and happiness

LED RIDES - coming soon

Riding bikes boosts your brainpower, relationships, health and happiness 

Here at I Cycle Training we believe that Riding is the key to your well-being.

So If you’re just starting to ride a bike again, or are new to the area – sometimes all you need is a little confidence boost help to get you cycling!

In the company of an experienced cyclist to ‘show you the ropes’, on a safe and welcoming route will help you relax, grow in confidence and recapture the joy and freedom that is cycling.

Keep your eyes peeled for the dates of our next Led Rides.


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