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I Cycle Training offers a diverse range of cycle training and activities in the North West of England.  

We pride ourselves on our ensuring our highly qualified instructors provide a safe & fun environment  for children and young people to learn how to ride.


What is Balance Ability?

Balanceability is the UK's first accredited 'learn to cycle' programme.  It combines unique ergonomic balance bikes with a schedule of fun activities that build confidence, spatial awareness and dynamic balance skills enabling young children to cycle without ever needing stabilisers


Target Age Group

2.5 years to 6 years old ( Early Years & Reception)


Delivery Content

Balance Ability facilitates fundamental movement patterns, gross motor skills and dynamic balance which are incorporated along with an introduction to the balance bike. Children learn how to pick up, manoeuvre, mount and dismount their bikes and how to ride a balance bike safely. As they move through the sessions, there is a continued development of gross motor skills, dynamic balance and co-ordination. The main goal is to improve the child's gliding, stopping, braking and turning skills, enabling them to ride solo on a pedal bike safely and with confidence.



Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.

There are three Bikeability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills, no matter what is known already. Levels 1, 2 and 3 take trainees from the basics of balance and control, all the way to planning and making an independent journey on busier roads.

In terms of cost, most training delivered to school children is free, or at a minimal cost, because of funding for the scheme through Local authorities and School Sports Partnerships.

If the training being provided outside of school or within a community setting there will be a charge for the training.  How much this will be is dependable on numbers, instructors and delivery time. 


Target Age Group


School Years 5 & 6

Delivery Content


At Level 1 new riders learn to control and master their bikes in a space away from traffic such as a playground or closed car park. Trainees will usually be trained in a group of 3-12, though individual training may also be available in your area. At Level 1 you can:

·    prepare yourself and your bike for cycling

·    get on and off your bike without help

·    start off, pedal and stop with control

·    pedal along, use gears and avoid objects

·    look all around and behind, and control the bike

·    share space with pedestrians and other cyclists




Target Age Group


School Years 5 & 6



Delivery Content


Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving trainees a real cycling experience. Trainees learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. Trainees are usually trained in small groups – up to 6 trainees per instructor – though individual training may also be available. At Level 2 you can:

·    prepare for on-road cycling

·    start and finish an on-road journey

·    recognise typical hazards

·    let others know what you are about to do

·    know where to ride on the road

·    pass parked vehicles and side roads


Target Age Group


School Year 7 and above

Delivery Content


Level 3 equips trainees with skills for more challenging roads and traffic situations – busier streets, queuing traffic, complex junctions and roundabouts. It also includes planning routes for safe cycling. Level 3 training is delivered in groups of up to 3 so can be tailored to a trainee’s individual needs, such as a route to school school or alternative location.


At Level 3 you can:

  • prepare for a journey

  • understand advanced road positioning

  • pass queuing traffic

  • perceive and deal with hazards

  • understand driver blind spots

  • react to hazardous road surfaces




If your school or community group  would like to book or register their interest in any of the above courses please

E-mail I Cycle Training.

Please add into the message section:

  • Name of School or Community Group

  • Level of Delivery (e.g Level 2)

  • Year Group / Age Group

  • Number of young people taking part

  • When you would like the course delivering (e.g. week commencing 23/10/17

Please note for Bike Ability the months of May - July are extremely busy so please book well in advance.


Thank you for your e-mail, the team from I Cycle Training will get back to you shortly.




These sessions are designed to support those children and young people who have not gained the skill of riding a bike.  Our I Cycle Training Team have a high success

rate of getting individuals riding in hours. Either in groups of up to 6, or 1 on 1, we would love to get you and your children cycling.

Session Name: Learn 2 Ride


Duration: Up to 2 hour Age: 4+ 

Max Capacity: Dependable 


Sessions Time & Date TBC




These are designed to develop young riders into confident, capable riders who will have the basic skills necessary to prepare them for riding in traffic free environments that are non technical in nature.

Session Name: Led Rides


Duration: Up to 2 hour Age: 4+ 

Max Capacity: Dependable 


Sessions: Time & Date TBC



These sessions are designed to allow young riders the chance practice in a safe, off-road environment with a fully qualified instructor.  During the session they will learn the basics, build skills and gain confidence by making riding a bike fun.

Session Name: Skills Sessions


Duration: Up to 2 hour Age: 4+ 

Max Capacity: Dependable  


Sessions: Time & Date TBC


Ideally participants need to supply their own bikes however, we can provide them if required. Bikes must not have stabilisers on them.Helmets can be provided. Participants are advised to bring clothing appropriate for the weather. 


To Book

or for

 More Information

Please add into the Message Section:

  • Name of School or Community Group

  • Service Required (e.g Learn 2 Ride)

  • Age Group

  • Number of young people taking part

  • When you would like the course delivering (e.g. week commencing 23/10/17

Please note sessions are dependent on instructor availability.

Thank you for your e-mail. The team from I Cycle Training will get back to you shortly.

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