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1. Have more fun

Remember when you were a kid, playing out on your bike? Did you ever worry about getting tired or sweaty? NO!

An electric bike brings back that care/worry free feeling!

Nothing compares to the smooth, easy feeling of riding an electric bike for the first time.

2. They're affordable

Many people in work can buy an electric bike at a discount through the ProC2W scheme. Contact us for more information. It costs nothing, and can save up to 42% on the cost of a brand new set of wheels

3. Get there faster

An electric bike is ideal for any commute. Get there faster than on a normal bike with an added boost of power... and get there faster than by car by avoiding congestion!

4. Hills conquered

Hills can often be a barrier to cycling but the assistance provided by an electric bike cancels out gradients or headwinds. No more barriers!

5. Manage a longer commute

Commuting on an electric bike makes longer distances more feasible. They are reliable and sturdy (and some even come with RAC breakdown cover - so you can call for assistance if you get a puncture)!

6. Banish sweat

Sweat is often another barrier to a commute by bike. No one wants to arrive for an 8 hour shift sweating away... but an electric bike commute removes this barrier.

7. Ride safer

The power and sturdiness behind an electric bike makes many riders feel more able to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

While irrefutable scientific proof is awaited, there is supporting logic. Slog up a steep, busy urban road at 6mph, then travel at 12mph with an electric bike: the cars that pass you will be going 18mph faster, rather than 24mph faster.

8. Still get some exercise

Although riding an electric bike is easier on the hills... you will still be getting exercise! All electric bikes are power assist - so they only assist you when you're pedaling yourself.

9. Cheaper than a car

No road tax, no petrol/diesel, no parking costs, minimal charging costs... an electric bike is a MUCH cheaper option.

10. They are eco-friendly

Imagine all the households with 2 (or more) cars. Imagine the environmental impact if all those households replaced one car with an electric bike!

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